Godshill and Brading ghosts



Godshill and Brading Ghosts

I am 41 and have lived on the island all my life. I have always been very aware of the goings on around me. When I was younger we lived at "The Taverners" in Godshill. While I was there I had a imaginary friend that I can still remember very clearly but also I had a sighting and touch. The sighting was a lady in a old Victorian dress... very upright but not scary by any means. Also in the same place I clearly remember getting into bed and putting my foot, which I can only discribe as putting it flat against someone elses foot!!! Again I remember it very clearly.

The next place we lived in was called "Badgers Bistro" in Brading. There was a little girl ghost that used to play with her pram up and down the hall. A few people that used to eat there said that they had seen her...I had heard her but didn't see her. My mother heard her one night while my sister and I were asleep in bed and heard her playing up and down the hall like she was pushing a little pram.

The final one was a house we lived in in Bembridge. My mother said it was the most friendly feeling house she had ever lived in. I, on the other hand, couldnt bear it!!! I would literally run up and down the stairs and hated my parents room and landing. Once we moved out, a family moved in who had been after the house for years.....they lasted a year and moved as the wife couldnt bear it!

By Karen Peck

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