A Ghostly Sighting



I have a shepherd's hut on a small meadow (Lower Meadow) in Green Park Farm lane (off Forest Road, Newport).

Just before nightfall on 7 Oct as I was preparing to leave I saw the black shadow of a man pass behind my car parked off the lane. It reappeared on the other side and moved down the lane toward the road and was quickly obscured by the flanking trees. By the time I passed along the same route the figure had disappeared - and there was nowhere it could ordinarily (ie other than clandestinely) have entered out of sight in the term available. The only description I can give other than its being uniformly black and a man rather than a woman (though I had no sight of the face) was that it appeared to be wearing a short close-fitting jacket rather than a coat and a rather large cap or possibly derby hat.

By James Allaway

A Ghostly Sighting 

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