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If you have any real stories of ghosts, spirits, hauntings, spooky happenings, supernatural tales or paranormal pictures you would like to share with me, I would love to see them.  I am always keen to hear of haunted houses, ghostly smells, ghost pictures and any new hauntings on Ghost Island, or to learn more about some of the many haunted places already featured on the Isle of Wight ghost books - such as the phantom manor house of Knighton Gorges.

Paranormal writer Gay Baldwin is collecting more haunting tales for her eighth book of British ghost stories about the World's Most Haunted Island. Watch for details of publication dates and add it to your favourites.

Click on the story uploader to add your stories and photographs. Please ensure that you submit a current email address and if possible, contact details with your story. These will NOT be published, and only used if I need to check or confirm any facts with you.

Latest Stories

Nov 2019

The sighting was a lady in a old victorian dress... very upright but not scary by any means" Story contributed by Karen Peck

Just before nightfall on 7 Oct as I was preparing to leave I saw the black shadow of a man pass behind my car parked off the lane.

I saw another figure hanging from thick rope from the rafters. I squealed out with fright and just jumped out of the bed.....Story contributed by Sherrie

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