What is a ghost?

What is a ghost?What is a ghost?


Most of us are fascinated by the supernatural. More than half of people in Britain now believe in ghosts, and your chance of seeing one is estimated at one in ten, but much greater here on Ghost Island!
Just like us, every ghost, spirit, phantom or spectre is different. They include:

  • Historical ghosts. These are traditionally associated with old castles and ancient buildings. Events are imprinted on the atmosphere or surroundings and replayed like a psychic video recording to people receptive to it. Over time these fade like a battery running down.
  • Regular ghosts. Some hauntings follow cycles, reappearing on a certain date or time of year in a regular pattern. Atmospheric conditions or changes in the magnetic field may play a part in these appearances.
  • Poltergeists. Their activity is often centred around a particular person in a household; frequently an adolescent, and disturbances, noises, throwing or disappearance of objects may be an unconscious case of mind over matter.
  • Crisis apparitions. Usually ghosts of the newly dead, they are seen for a few days at most. The spirit of a loved one visiting for a last farewell is by far the commonest apparition

What is a ghost? A ghost or spirit is the life force of someone who has died, but not ceased to exist in this realm. Often they are spirits or souls of those who have died violently or suddenly. Others are trapped on the earth plane, not accepting they have died; or have become lost on their way to the afterlife. Some have such strong ties to the living, or their old life that they won't leave. Their dimension is timeless and if contacted through psychics, these spirits are surprised how long they've been "dead".
cherub at Newchurch ChurchWho can see ghosts? Almost anyone it seems. You don't have to believe in them to see one. Children and animals are particularly psychic and see ghosts.
What does a ghost look like? Some appear solid and real, while others are wispy and ethereal. Some resemble a reflection in a plate glass window; others consist of dots or sparks of energy. Ghosts can also be heard or smelled, some have been photographed and a few whisper, moan or talk.

Why do ghosts appear? There's often an obvious explanation for a haunting like murder, suicide or violent death.

Tragedy, unhappiness or despair leaves its imprint on place, lingering in the like a psychic recording,

to be replayed at intervals when conditions are right or someone receptive comes along. Perhaps what we call 'ghosts' are spirits on a wavelength different to our own. Does our undying mind carry an energy, which, after death, becomes part of the energy pattern of its surroundings? clocktower at whitecroft

Do haunted houses have memories? Do ghosts walk when no one is there to see them or must they draw on our energy fields to materialise, making us shiver when they're around?

When a ghost is seen walking through a 'solid' wall, can we believe our eyes? Perhaps. For our solid-seeming world of matter is actually energy vibrating at different wavelengths. 

When defining matter, Albert Einstein described it as "congealed light". Taken to their ultimate, matter and energy are one and the same......


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