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The Isle of Wight is the world's most haunted island and Knighton Gorges its most haunted place. The ancient mansion which bore this name and stood for more than seven centuries was destroyed almost two hundred years ago. Its ghosts, however, cast an enduring spell and Knighton Gorges holds an exalted place in the annals of paranormal history.
I have been writing about the Island's ghosts for over thirty years and it was while researching 'Ghosts of the Isle of Wight' in 1977 that I first visited the site of Knighton Gorges. It was a warm summer's afternoon; the air was heavy with the scent of wild honeysuckle. Walking up the overgrown drive with fellow author, Ray Anker, we heard the lazy drone of bees.

As we stood by a dilapidated stone barn looking towards the site of the house, we almost felt we had stepped out of time and into the past. Knighton Gorges worked its magic well that day, and I fell under its spell. Seven books and more than thirty years later, the mystery that is Knighton Gorges still fascinates and intrigues, even as its haunted reputation continues to grow.

Like so many others, I find myself drawn back there again and again. If only it was possible to travel back in time to see that great house and explore it, inside and out! No photographs exist of Knighton Gorges, for it was pulled down before the camera was invented.

Only four engravings of the house remain today, so we must rely on these and a few contemporary descriptions, for an idea of how it once looked. This detail of the house is taken from J King's fabulous etching which shows Knighton Gorges in 1813. Buy your copy of the print

Since that first book appeared, I have heard many more accounts of ghosts and hauntings there, and some of these appeared in subsequent books. Now I have decided that Knighton Gorges, with its rich history, its many mysteries and its ghostly inhabitants, deserves a book in its own right. So, I have collected together all the accounts of hauntings, along with many unpublished and new stories, and done my best to research the history of the house and some of its most colourful owners. Many tales, legends and half-truths, passed down by local people have over time assumed the status of fact; at times it has been hard to distinguish this from fiction.

I am no historian, just a journalist with considerable experience of writing about the paranormal. Although much of this book, Ghosts of Knighton Gorges, is about ghosts, the history of the house and those who lived there is part of the story, too.

You may only want to read about the many ghosts,  but don't ignore the history - for it is only by knowing about the lives, loves, passions, torments, betrayals, suffering and deaths of those who lived there, that you will come to understand why this is the Island's most haunted place.

In a further twist to the Knighton Gorges story, several mediums and psychics have helped bring the past vividly to life in a most unexpected way, with descriptions of the house, its grounds, and glimpses of lives lived long ago. For, to the spirits that live on there, in their own dimension somewhere beyond time, our present has ceased to exist or matter...

Kindly note: Knighton Gorges and the old walled gardens are privately owned. Please do not trespass, or disturb guests staying at the holiday cottage there. The stone gateposts can be viewed from the road, and a public bridleway which runs to the north of Knighton Gorges.

All houses in which men have lived and died
Are haunted houses: through open doors
The harmless phantoms on their errands glide
With feet that make no sound upon the floors

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