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Ghost in a top hat at Knighton Gorges

I have been to Knighton Gorges a few times and the first time I went I had not read any of the books. I was with my then partner in the dark looking at the gates of Knighton Gorges. I could clearly see a man in a top hat, with a gold watch poking out of his top pocket. He stood by the right hand side gate post watching us.

I asked my partner if he could see him, but he couldn't see what I was talking about. He had however been  watching something coming up the lane that was moving oddly, with pale lights, like candles, on the side of whatever it was. This freaked my other half quite considerably, along with what I could see. We were soon back up on the main road!

We went there several times and sometimes I could feel the presence of a man in the trees but could not see him. The last time we went there, my other half noticed that I fell into a trance-like state inside the car.  According to him I still had my seatbelt on and was starring at the gate and my left hand was moving towards the car door still unaware of what was happening. It was then that he locked the doors and sped away. As we were approached Sandown, I seemed to be back to my normal chatty self and to this day I still can't remember trying to get out of the car.

Author's note - I asked for more details of this sighting, and received this further information:

It was nearly 2 years ago and it was dark. He was about 5 feet away and  stood on the outside the gate on the right hand side. I could see the top of the watch that was attached to the short chain. He had a red waistcoat on under a long black evening type jacket with black trousers and black shoes and black top hat. His face was almost hazy and I couldn't make out any facial features. He appeared solid other than his face which is weird. He appeared to be aware of me but not my partner and every time I have been there or near there I can sense him and it may seem strange but it felt like he was aware that he could sense me when I was near. It seems weird that I could have such a strong connection with him because he doesn't appear to like women but he puts me at ease and I have never been scared of him. I'm afraid I can't think of anything else I can add I am afraid.  To this day my partner says he never saw anything, but my reaction which spooked him quite badly.


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