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Old Whitecroft Hospital ghost

My nan told me that she worked as an auxilliary nurse in Whitecroft Hopsital when it was still an Asylum. She told me that she cared for a group of elderly female patients. In particular was one  lady who used to walk up and down the ward to a sluice sink and pretend to empty a bucket. Apparently she did this several times each day. My nan was struck down with an illness during the winter months of 1946 and did not return to work for three weeks. When she did return she was pleased to see her colleagues and those in her care, particularly the "bucket lady" who she passed on the way to see the Matron. When the Matron asked my nan how she was, my nan said she was well and glad to be back. She also commented on how nice it was to see that nothing had changed and that her favourite patient was still emptying her bucket in the sink! The whole staff found this lady quite endearing it seems. My nan commented that she looked quite spritely. The matron, confused, told my nan that she was mistaken as the lady had in fact died the day before my nan returned to work. It scared my nanna rigid at first, but she continued to see her until 1948 when she left Whitecroft.

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