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Four Ghost Experiences

I am a regular visitor to the Isle of Wight and have read all seven of your 'Ghosts of the Isle of Wight' books. I have also had some very strange experiences whilst on the island, all of which I can not explain. Whether they were supernatural or not remains to be seen but the situations where they took place are all noted in your books.

 1. My family and I visited Brading the Experience in August 2009. After exploring the attraction, we decided to enter the Old Rectory Mansion once more as there was not many people around. On climbing the steps my Mum and I instantly stopped at the same spot. We looked at each other and she told me she could feel a cold breeze around her ankles. I knew exactly what she meant as I could also feel it. My brother, a firm disbeliever in the supernatural, had ran out of the buliding by this time and refused to go back inside. We decided to re-enter the buliding when there were other people present and thoroughly checked for any windows or vents, yet found none. That night, I looked through 'The Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight' and learnt that the building is haunted by the ghost of a Frenchman who was murdered there. At the top of the stairs in which my mother and I would not climb alone, was the Frenchman's wax figure.
 2. One afternoon in October 2009, my family and I were walking through Ventnor Botanic Gardens. I was already aware that the gardens were on the site of the old hospital and decided to keep a sharp eye out for any apparitions. Although I did not see or feel any, my Grandad kept enthusing about the smell surrounding him. He claimed he could smell very strong perfume yet nobody else in my family could smell anything. Furthermore, my Grandad's sense of smell is
without doubt worse than anyone else's present at the time, something which puzzled him and us.
 3. Two things happened on my visit in April 2010. The first was in Carisbrooke Castle. I was looking around the bedroom of Princess Elizabeth the room in which the young girl had died, aged 14. As it was an incredibly hot day, my Gran and I were shocked when the temperature suddenly dropped to an icy cold. I even felt myself shiver. However, as soon as other people joined us in the room, the temperature turned back to normal. On inspecting the window, I found it was tightly shut but after the incident I read that the young girl's ghost takes a liking to girls around her own age. I was 16 at the time so perhaps the breeze I felt was of the ghost of the young princess.
 4. The second event happened on top of Culver Down. As we were walking along the cliffs I noticed a figure of a woman standing remarkably close to the edge, next to a bunch of flowers tied to the fence. I told my brother to lower his voice as there was somebody else nearby and agreed he could see the woman up ahead. However, as we approached nearer, the woman had vanished and all that remained was the flowers. If the woman had walked away she would definately have still been in sight as the top of the cliff was flat and stretched for hundreds of metres. We had also been only 20 metres, if that, away from her. Yet she was nowhere to be seen.
 I wonder what these could have been? There may be reasonable explanation but the atmosphere at the time of these strange happenings changed dramatically. I am a firm believer in ghosts and love your books. I hope these stories have been of interest.
Bethany Lee, Plymouth.

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