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Ongoing adventures at Knighton

Our ongoing adventures with Knighton started way back in 2004 with the very first cautionary vigil there. Previously i myself had read something about the site in Gay's books, having avidly collected every copy from issue one to the present one. Knighton immediately stood out as an enigmatic place, somewhere well worth checking out and the good possibility of catching sight or sound of something paranormal... So in 2004 i took a car load consisting of myself, my mother Liz, my sister Denise and drove out to the site of the long lost manor house. Neither Liz or Denise were aware of the actual sight having never been there before, and although it was also my first visit, i did have a rough idea of the area. We drove down into Knighton Shute and decended into the valley. Immediately both Liz and Denise both complained of feeling sick and getting a very horrible feeling from the road. This continued until we reach the sharp right turn at the end near the waterworks. Neither had noticed i had driven past the gateposts on the way... Knighton was again visited by myself and Liz in both 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009, during the course of these respective visits we have collected an impressive array of orb pictures and DVD footage, some visits have been short, others quite lengthy, but whenever we go we ALWAYS get results. We have since 2004 formed our own Paranormal Investigation Team called GHT (ESSEX UK) which stands simply for Ghost Hunt Team. We have applied both scientific and non-scientific methods to the investigations we have done there and the results have giving us insight into the road in front of the gateposts as well as the gateway itself. Its very clear that a strong male entity which we believe to be George Bisset, the former owner of Knighton Gorges. His clear dislike of women has carried over into his afterlife as it seems that his spirit energy does take offence at any females who stand at the gates. On a personal note too, another former owner of the manor of Knighton was a certain Hugh De Morville, who just happens to be one of the four knights linked with the so-called murder of Archbishop Thomas Becket in Canterbury Cathedral in 1170AD. Its personal to me from the point that in Kent i went on an investigation to Hythe Church and had a linked experience with a knight called William, seeing from his viewpoint as he raised his sword and killed a kneeling man. I cannot prove i actually witnessed Beckets death but Hythe is a short distance from Saltwood Castle where the four knights set off from to Canterbury, and William could be none other than William DeTracey, the knight who struck the first sword strike on Becket. Coincidence? possibly... But it could also explain why i'm so drawn to Knighton Gorges. Did the four knights hide here in the 12th century after the deadly deed was done? We may never know for certain but the possibilites are certainly there to be picked at and scrutinised. . I`m hoping the files and picture evidence we have collected from Knighton will go along way to helping her with her new book... books which i also hope she continues to write as they have certainly proved an inspiration to me, my team and countless others over the years, helping to promote the paranormal and the mystery of the Isle of Wight for many generations to come. And as long as the enigma that is Knighton still continues, i will still be there to investigate it...!

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