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The knife floated across the room

We have had several small things happen,ie thing moved etc glasses found other side of draining board,my glass ships in bottles found upside down unbroken,but the one that will allways stay with me and my wife happened on the 17th june 2007 it was a sunday,and i was sitting in the garden waiting for the American grand prix to start,at 4.20pm i wandered into the kitchen to get a drink before i sat down to watch the race,i had just entered the kitchen and was looking at the floor when there was a double bang which bought my head up,then out of a drainer on the sink a knife albeit a blunt knife which we use for buttering rose out of the drainer and came across the kitchen,it came across at walking pace very slow and straight,and i remember i could only see the blade,as in if someone was holding the handle obscurring it,it came towards me a distance of 6 feet (i measured the distance after) then just droppesd as if it was just let go off ,after the shock had worn off i picked the knife up nothing unforseen there not warm or anything .My wife also heard the double bang and saw the knife drop although she never saw it transit the kitchen.The next day i tried to replicate the noise i shook the crockery drainer but was not the same,them my wife lifted up the drainer a couple of inches and banged it down,this was without doubt the double bang we heard.My conclusion on this was that the banging was intentional to make me look up and see the knife coming through the air,i cannot understand whom it was done by or why,my wife said someone was sending you a message,me i just do not know.
Story contributed by Derek Saunders


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