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Investigations at Knighton Gorges and Ventnor Botanic Gardens

Another year, another trip to the fantastic Isle of Wight and its two most haunted sites - Knighton Gorges and Ventnor Botanic Gardens. As always with a gap of a year between visits its good to return to these sites, especially as we always meet up with acclaimed author of the Ghosts of the Isle of Wight books - Gay Baldwin, who manages to find time to keep us up-to-date with the resident spiritual population of the Island.

REPORT KNIGHTON GORGES We started with the most haunted site on the Island, the gateposts at Knighton Gorges. There is no need to re-tread the history of the site here as its well documented in the LOCATIONS section, however it should be noted that the roadway in front of the gates called Knighton Shute has become increasingly busier. With parking already limited along this road, not only is it becoming a bit hazardous but the constant traffic must be disrupting the atmosphere here. But more about that in the Summary... 21:40: Vigil commences. 21:45: Colin hears what he thinks is harpsichord music playing faintly, then - minutes later Liz sees a shadowy figure move across the field beyond the gateposts. 21:50: Colin commences a call out session to see what spirits are around, but its very quiet. Cold spot is detected on the driveway near the gateposts 22:00: Colin closes the call out and thanks any spirits. 22:05: We close the Knighton vigil.

VENTNOR BOTANIC GARDENS Colin and Liz move onto the next location, possibly the second most haunted site on the Island. Once a large hospital for chest ailments, now several acres of sub-tropical plants that enjoy the mild micro-climate in the Undercliff. Of course it could be the same climate which has made some of the old hospital's staff and patients linger on... 22:30: Colin and Liz commence the vigil at Ventnor. 22:33: Colin via his guide Michael gets the names Fairlee and Radlett, the latter is very young and wearing pyjamas and who died here. Liz sees nurses uniforms, lots of nurses' spirits here but they cause no problem, just getting on with their long-gone jobs. 22:50: Colin picks up on a very portly Matron. Also gets a date connected to Radlett of 1912-1913 for when he was admitted. Colin's guide tells him an orderly is about to push a trolley or gurney right through the car!! He warns Colin it might turn cold. 22:58: Colin gets "Officer Whitely", who is in a very bad way and who died here, also a "rogue-ish" character by the name of Lucas, described by Colin's guide as an "missenthrop". 23:03: Liz picks up on a bald-headed man with glasses, stethoscope and a white coat. 23:05: Colin says the staff in the hospital are very busy. 23:08: Colin is told by Michael that the 28th August is a very important date in the hosptal's history and is linked with the name Albert. At the same time Liz gets a link with royalty. 23:15: Colin is given the name "Aubere". 23:17: Liz gets a girl with dark hair, denim blue dress in a cotton material. She is about 17 or 18yrs old and washing in a wooden tub. Colin's guide Michael tells him about a "dark entity" which keeps to the shadows of the gardens, not able to enter the car park area. Its described as non-human and like to keep to the trees... this same "thing" has been reported before and Colin did not expect Michael to know of it, yet the information came through... 23:20: Colin and Liz close the vigil at Ventnor.

SUMMARY Knighton Gorges has, its been noted, become more and more disrupted by the almost incessent traffic, which is obviously using the Knighton Shute as a short-cut across the Island. We are not sure this can be stopped but we are sure its causing severe problems with the aura around the gateposts. There is still an force there... we did find evidence of a cold spot, and Liz seeing a shadowy figure (possibly either the reported man with the stove-pipe hat, or it may even of been George Bisset) is compelling enough to not rule out Knighton just yet. There is also a holiday cottage inside the grounds, and GHT has wondered about renting it for a weekend of paranormal investigation... Ventnor was amazing. Not only was Liz picking up a lot of info herself, but Colin's guide Michael seemed to have something new to add every few minutes, such was the sheer quality of information coming forward with many names and dates. And the atmosphere was so much better than the slightly oppressive visit GHT had there in 2007. We feel a future visit to the gardens should be on the cards and if we have enough team members then it maybe possible to venture further into the gardens in search of the tree-hopping "dark" entity...

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