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Ghost on a train

In 1984, I was working on the London Underground as a Guard on the Central Line 'Red Line on the Map. My train was the first up the line to Epping, we arrived at Queensway Eastbound and a well dressed man walked down the platform in tweed suit, he took a while to board the train i said sir can you please board we are waiting to depart. He got on the carriage nearest to me so 7th on 8 carriage train, i shut the doors the train departed. I looked through to next carriage but he was not sitting in there. At next station Lancaster Gate I walked down the Platform and he was not on the train .... to this day I will 100 per cent say it was a ghost. Spookily the chap did not leave leave the train and  when he got on he was the only one to board.  He looked normal and didn't speak. Everyone I told about it just said "oh really".

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