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Ghost on the cycle path

I have lived on the island a while now and each house and work place I have been has had a ghost. I will tell you of the experience of one I saw whilst cycling along the cycle path from Newport to Cowes. I got off my bike to check the chain and looked back down the lane. There was a woman who was about three yards away from me. I know she wasn't there before as I had just cycled past and there were no gaps in the hedge for her to have hidden in. She was wearing brown dowdy clothes and suffered from rickets (bent legs), she looked at me. I didn't say hello as I knew she was not of this time. She had dark brown eyes. I stared at her as she walked on and she glanced back. I looked down at the bike got on it and she had vanished. I looked for her but she was nowhere in sight. .. Has anyone else seen the late middle aged lady dressed in early nineteenth century clothes with such a cold stare?

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