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Hooded figure at Carisbrooke Castle


A few years ago in 1998 on a summer evening in late August I went to take my kids around Carisbrooke Castle's outer wall, hoping to scare them a bit!  When we walked past the front iron gates, the curator was locking the gates from the outside at about 8 pm. As he did so there was a "man" with a big black hooded cloak (you couldn't see a face) who was on the inside of the gates, literally inches away and opposite the chap locking up. We all stopped and looked and my daughter commented "Dad, if that man's locking up from the outside, why is that other person on the wrong side of the gates?"  I looked back and the hooded figure had vanished . There is no way he could have walked or run to the wooden inner gate (which was closed anyway) within those few seconds. I asked the guy who had locked up, who the other person was . He looked at me as if I was crazy stating he was the only one there and the castle was empty. I asked if there was anyone else in the castle, perhaps the people who do the medieval re-enactments and falconry displays( at the time I lived next door to a guy who did swordsmanship displays, and he said some of them camped in the castle when these events were on). he again said it was totally empty. I kind of felt embarrassed and didn't want to appear "odd" , so I didn't mention the black-cloaked figure we had seen , but I don't understand how he hadn't seen it , because it was literally inches away from him. It was clear though , just there one second and gone the next. If my daughter Nikki hadn't seen it too, and said what she did, I probably wouldn't have given it a second thought, but she was right. We walked around the wall anyway, but I told the kids there were people staying in the castle grounds so as not to scare them (even though I went there with the intention of scaring them!) The only person who was spooked was me, as there was no logical explanation to what we'd seen.

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