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Whippingham ghost train


Almost ten years ago a friend and I were walking along the old dismantled railway track, which runs from Belmont Lane (just off North Fairlee Road from Newport) to Park Road (off Lushington Hill near Wootton Common), on our way to Fattingpark Copse.  The track runs straight for at least a kilometre and the trees of the copse form a natural tunnel for most of that distance.  As such it is just possible to see the end of the track much like the light at the end of a tunnel

As I remember, it was a warm summer's afternoon sometime in July, when, as we approached what used to be the old station house (I think it's called Queen Victoria Station), we began to hear a distant mechanical noise.  As we strained our eyes down the tunnel of trees the noise rapidly travelled towards us, becoming louder and louder.  Uncertain as to what to do we simply stood still and listened. In a matter of seconds the sound was upon us and it was undeniably the noise of a steam train, which, as we stood frozen in the middle of the track, came straight towards us, rapidly passed through us, and continued down the track behind until there was silence

We felt nothing, no trees stirred, no gust of wind, no visible sign of anything untoward, just simply the piercing noise of a steam train passing through us. 

I cannot remember what my friend and I did next but we were slightly shaken by the experience.  We rarely spoke of the events of that day, I think partly because of our uncertainty as to what had actually occurred.  However I remain convinced of what we heard.  I would be very interested to learn if you know of anyone else who has had a similar experience.  I hope you find my recollection of my experience interesting and I wish you all the best in collecting more stories for your next fascinating publication.



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