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Haunted wedding video

Filming a wedding in a manor house  in 2002 I was sitting on a chair in a hallway taking a break whilst the wedding party were dining. An old man wearing a butler suit walked up the hallway towards me, stopped, looked at me and asked "Are you filming this wedding?", "Yes" I replied. "When you look at your video footage look for the ghost of oakwood house". He walked off. I thought he was a bit nuts. That night around 1am I was looking at the footage on the tapes and got to the part where the couple were just about to kiss after being announced as man and wife. What happened was something I had never seen before. A huge dust cloud of bright gold swirled all around the couple and orbs were flying around the room very fast. Not seen on the day, only on the camera tapes. I had seen orbs before on my footage but this was fierce. I called the manor house a few days later and asked to speak to the old man. They told me there was no one working there thats fits that description. I cut most of the dust cloud from the edited video and kept the original footage for a while but got rid of it soon after, however, some of the dust cloud and orbs still can be seen on the original edited tape I gave to the couple. I never told them the story. Strange!

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