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While being very intrigued with the paranormal, I decided to get a group of friends together and visit Botanical Gardens at Ventnor in the dead of night. I made sure I had fully charged batteries in my camera, however as we approached the carpark of Botanical Gardens, they went completely flat. I was so angry, as it would have been a wasted journey, I wanted evidence. The batteries then became fully charged, and we carried on walking around the garden. I know some of the history regarding Botanical Gardens as my nan worked there when it was a TB hospital. So we all walked around, and I'm snapping pictures, and I get a load of orbs in the carpark area, now before this I always dismissed orbs. But you can't tell me there's not something energy related about them, not now anyway! The orbs showed up in the carpark area, I don't believe it's pollen, simply because I was taking pictures in some of the most flowered parts of the garden and never got any orbs.

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