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Knighton Gorges again


It was not so much my experience of Knighton Gorges that was disturbing, more like the reaction of both my mother and my sister as we approached it. Let me explain...

After a night at the cinema in Newport, the three of us were driving along the Downs road towards Brading, when i decided to suddenly turn off down Knighton Shute. I'd read the stories in the IOW Ghost Books, but wanted to see the place for myself. However, it was nightime albeit not too dark, but Knighton Shute was decidely almost together, both my mother and sister began to complain of the oppressive feeling of the lane - my sister in particular pleading me to go faster and get past the area. In fact, unknown to her we had just passed the gateposts as she said it. The further on towards Newchurch we went, the better they both felt. I did not feel a thing. I had not told my sister about the diversion nor did she know the location of the gateposts. A year passes, and we once more find ourselves on the Island, this time with my uncle tagging along. It was agreed to take my sceptical uncle along to the Island's most famous haunted site - Knighton Gorges, and thus we made our way to it off the downs road again. The only difference this time was it was during the day... I stopped the car, we all got out and posed for pictures by the gateposts, with me telling my uncle some background info at the same time. The whole lane felt warm and friendly, both my sister and mother had no problems at all being there and could think of no other reason for them being so terrified of their previous visit. On returning home, I hoped that our photos might possibly catch something we were not seeing, but alas, all was normal. That strange place once again proves good to its name and reputation, and be assured... I will return in June/July to test it again!!!

Colin Smith

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