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Ghostly King at Carisbrooke Castle?

I visited Carisbrooke Castle way back in 1968, when I was 14 years old. I was with my parents and younger brother at the time on holiday for a week. It was a typically grey and overcast English 'summer's' day and my brother and I were typically bored teenagers being dragged around a place we didn't really want to be. We had just passed through the main gate and were standing in the courtyard to get our bearings. My parents were chatting away and my younger brother was more bored than I, standing there, staring at the ground. I was looking at the building in front of me, the main living quarters I guess, when I noticed a man in a fancy white embroidered shirt with a lacey collar staring wistfully out of one of the windows on an upper floor. He had long dark hair and a smallish black beard, and he gave the overall impression of looking extremely sad as he stared through the leaded window. He then appeared to look directly at me and smiled the faintest of smiles. I turned to tell my father about the man in the window, and when at last I got his attention and pointed to the window, the man had vanished. I knew nothing at all about the history of the castle, and little interest at that time, and it was only several years later that I saw a painting of Charles I in a London gallery and realised that this was the same person I saw staring through the window years earlier. I have to say, that I have never seen a 'ghost' since that day and I am not a fanciful kind of person, but I know what I saw back in 1968, and when I learnt that the King had been imprisoned in Carisbrooke prior to his execution in London, his sad expression made a lot of sense to me.

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