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Scare at the Longstone!

On 27th December 2011, at 8.00pm, my Mum, Dad, my Brother and me walked up to the Longstone at Mottistone. It seemed like a normal walk until we got to the actual stone. We ran round it five times to see if it summoned the spirits but it seemed as if it did. It started to get chilly but we thought it was just the wind. It started getting more cold and everyone admitted they felt an eerie feeling. We decided to go before anymore strange things happened. As we started to walk down the bank we had the feeling that someone was behind us. I turned round and saw a dark figure slowly coming toward us. I naturally screamed out and everybody swung round. The next minute we were getting chased by a dark figure. When we got down to the carpark the see-through figure faded away. All stunned we drove home. I'd be glad to hear if anyone else has had similar sightings

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