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I live in an old Victorian house...and it is haunted

I live in an old Victorian house, one you often feel like you are being watched, and one night when my husband and myself were in bed, I awoke because I could feel someone tucking in the sheets. I automatically assumed it was my husband, and because I had my back to the side were he lay, I turned over to ask him what he was doing.
I was shocked to see him laying fast asleep in bed. Looking down the side of the bed, I was shocked to see a figure of a oldish-looking woman with her hair pulled back in a bun, wearing a crisp, white buttoned high collared blouse and long dark skirt. She carried on tucking in the side of the bed and then vanished.
Often when we are sitting in our lounge we catch a glimpse of her out of the corner of our eye, walking through the glass door and across our hall way. Our cat often will, for no apparent reason, quickly turn his head and stare through the glass in the door. The moment I started to write this I immediately felt her in the room, I have gone extremely cold, and my hairs are standing on end. I can just make out her outline outside the door now!

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