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You never felt like you were alone...

Michelle explains, "When I was 9 we moved to Station Avenue in Sandown. The house was a Victorian villa with 5 bedrooms and it always felt a bit spooky to start with, I guess because of the size and style of the place. Too many spooky things to list here happened but I’ll add just a few.
Every Wednesday and Friday night between 9 and 12 pm the entrance hall would smell of raw fish - very strongly. Even if you held the front door open it wouldn’t go. However, if you left the double doors open to the main hall, the smell would go no further. My dad pulled up the floorboards and checked all over but never found a reason for the smell. At midnight the smell would go completely. It only ever happened on the Wednesday and the Friday and would always go as quickly as it arrived.
In the main hall was the stairs and a small alcove a few stairs up. Quite often a black silhouetted figure was seen (by quite a few people) standing there or rushing up the stairs. I remember coming home from a friend’s house and seeing the figure standing there for a few moments before disappearing.
One night I was on the top landing when a hand came round the top of the stairs. I stood back thinking it was my Nan coming up the stairs, but the hand melted away into the wall. I ran down the stairs about four at a time and wouldn’t go up there on my own for quite a while!
A lot of activity went on around the stairs; our dog sometimes wouldn’t go near them and would watch as if he could see people going up and down them. When my daughter was born she slept in the little box room next to mine. Sometimes, at night, we could hear a woman singing softly on the baby monitor and the sound of footsteps around the cot.
Around that time quite a few things moved in the kitchen, a tin of baby formula shot from one end of the worktop to the other. There were spoons and spatulas hanging up that would drop by themselves. I spent 11 years of my life in that house and you never felt like you were alone. There were always footsteps and banging from upstairs. I have tried to look up the history of it and only found out that it was the first house in the street to be built, it was once a dentist's surgery and then a guest house."

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