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Car trouble at Knighton Gorges!

"My good friend Kevin Allen and I, both born and bred Islanders, were out shore fishing one night in Chale Bay. We are both interested in the paranormal and knew many of the stories about the smuggling and wrecking gangs that worked that coast of the Island. We took great pleasure in trying to frighten each other with spooky tales and false sightings. The way small parts of the cliff fell onto the shingle beach used to sound like someone walking behind us and added to the atmosphere.

On one particular fishless night in July we decided to pack up about 2am and head home. On the drive back to Ryde we decided it would be a good idea to pull up outside the gate posts of Knighton Gorges and check out the haunted site. As we pulled up in Kev's old MG the car stopped and all the lights went off including the headlights. I was laughing nervously and told Kev to stop mucking about and drive on. I could not see him in the dark but I could tell by the tone of his voice that he was not mucking about.

He tried to start the car several times and there was not even a click. We sat there for several minutes in the dark, two big brave men that like to tell ghost stories. We worked out a master plan, on the count of three we would both get out of the car and get a torch that was in the boot. After a few more minutes discussion about whether we go on three or three then go we worked up enough courage to go for it. I must just add that Kev was on the side of the gate which made me feel a whole lot better. After a few more minutes we went for it. There was a lot of scrabbling around in the boot full of fishing gear before we found the torch. It was as Kev got back in the car to release the bonnet that the lights came back on. He turned the key and it started first time. I don't think a car has ever got up Knighton Shute quicker.

We had various discussions about what happened that night but could not come up with a reasonable answer. That was until it happened again several weeks later, this time in broad daylight. A close inspection under the bonnet revealed that the battery connection clamp was sitting on top of the terminal and was not bolted on. It had jumped off and when it landed again had not made a proper connection due to grease on the terminal. It seems nice to have an explanation to our scare but like Kev said afterwards, why did it only happen that once at Knighton? Especially considering the state of the Island roads!

Rob Gale

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