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An angelic 'ghost' at Seaview

My husband and I believe we meet ghosts every time we come to the Isle of Wight, but one experience sticks in our minds as being most peculiar. We were at Seaview on a scorchingly hot day on June 30, 2010 (our wedding anniversary). We had walked up and down the seafront and it was just too hot to do anything. After eating lunch and looking around, we decided to head back towards a bus stop to go back to Ventnor. As we had never been to Seaview before, we didn't have a clue where the bus stops were. We were at the crossroads outside VA Warren and Son Boatmakers in Rope Walk. My husband took a picture of the boatmakers and all of a sudden, an angelic looking young man, dressed in a sailor's uniform appeared. It was strange because as we were at a crossroads, we felt we would have seen him arrive, but he just appeared. There was something otherworldly about him. He had bright blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He looked like an angel, and was aged about 17. He told us that three generations of people built these boats. He was very vivid and unlike modern teenagers. He seemed like he was from another time.
We said we were lost and asked him the way to the bus stops. He replied, "I wouldn't know about that," but he directed us to the esplanade as he said it was a pretty route. We got to some shops and were directed to the only bus stop in town! It seemed strange that the lad didn't know where the only bus stops in town were. It could've been the heat making us think strange things, but I couldn't shake the feeling that he was not of this world. Would love someone to shed light on this! I believe we have met many a ghost on the Island, as whenever we have got lost, someone always appears, as if out of nowhere, to guide us back on the right path...

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