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The piano would play by itself...

When I was 7 my family moved in to a house in Station Avenue in Sandown. The house used to be a B&B so we had 5 bedrooms to choose from. Myself and my sister were very excited to be having our own rooms for the first time, but sleeping in separate rooms didn't last long! It all started one evening, we were all sitting in the front room having dinner when our cat (who was usally the most passive cat you could meet) started hissing and scratching at nothing, the fur on his back stood on end and he was going crazy at nothing!

He then darted behind the sofa and wouldn't come out for the whole night. About 2 days later we were in the front room when the piano started playing! There was no particular tune, it just sounded like someone banging against the keys at random. Thinking it was the cat climbing on it my mum went in to the back room to check it out, no cat in sight. She shut the door and sat back in the front room with us. We could still hear the piano playing and I remember my mum turning the TV up to try and drown out the sound as obviously me and my sister were getting rather upset.That night we packed our bags and went to stay at our grandparents' house in Apse Heath. Returning the next day we came home to find the toilet roll in the bathroom had completely been unravelled, the door to the bathroom was shut and nobody else had been to the house. Over the next few weeks we all witnessed some frankly unexplainable activity. We each had a fright when sitting on the toilet, only to see the toilet roll unraveling by itself! It was honestly like someone was tugging on it with some force!
I remember  playing 'banks' with my sister in the hallway of the house. We had stacked up our toy money into piles and all of a sudden it was like someone just came along and violently kicked it over. This was in no way a gust of wind or a draft; the toy money went flying across the hall. Obviously we both ran screaming to our mum who told us to stay out of the hall and stay with her in the kitchen for a while.
After about 5 months in the house we were constantly hearing the piano play itself, the cat continued to have these mad moments of fright which resulted in us having to keep most of the rooms of the house closed as he kept hiding and not responding to anything even food! The moment I remember as being the most spooky was when we were leaving to go to school. We were all in the car which was facing the house from the other side of the road, when my mum realised she had forgotten our lunch boxes.
I watched her walk towards the front door of our house and just freeze. She came running back to the car and sped off without saying a word. Rather than her taking us to school she took us to our grandparents where in a frenzy she told them that she had seen an old woman standing in the hallway of the house when she had gone back to get our lunch boxes! My grandad being very protective then went straight to the house. Needless to say there was no one in the house, the front door and the back had both been locked, the only thing my grandad found was our poor cat huddled in the corner of the hallway shaking!
Could the old woman have been the cause of all these spooky goings on? We didn't stay in the house long, the short time we spent there before we moved we spent sleeping in the same bedroom. On nights we could hear the piano play we would all sleep in the same bed! Cat included!

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