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Mysterious Ryde apartment

I have vague memories which unfortunately, my mind has largely blanked, of a family holiday when I was about eight years old, with my parents and brother in a self contained basement flat beneath an imposing old house, which I believe was in the Ryde area in the mid 1970’s. The flat included a main bedroom with a small single room connected and an additional bed in the hall area where I slept. On each of the five nights we stayed the atmosphere became more oppressive; by the second or third night I recall hiding under the covers in terror at the sound of heavy footsteps in the hallway, I also heard a sound of money jingling and low voices, however I don’t recollect being aware of what they said. The door to the small box room off the main bedroom where my brother slept also had a tendency to jam as if locked, but moments later be free and easy to open. By the fifth night my father was awoken by a noise only to see a ghost of a black boy looking at him and pointing toward a wall. That was as much as my family could take, we left the next morning, only to be told by a neighbour that no one else had stayed that long. A part of me is intrigued to find out if this house still exists, however my parents still refuse to discuss it and will not tell me where the house is, my brother being younger than me appears to have blocked the whole memory.
From memory the house was a Gothic looking place with a converted cellar semi under ground, I think the house was called Saint 'something' and had a cross on the roof, so wonder if it was originally a rectory or similar? The black boy my father saw was a black African child and apparently quite clear, combined with my limited recollection of the sounds I heard I presume a link with the slave trade.


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