Ghosts of Knighton Gorges eBook 8

Ghosts of Knighton Gorges  eBook 8


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From the high downs the road drops to a valley where two decaying stone pillars are all that remain of a magnicent gateway. But tread carefully. You are walking on haunted ground; and it's the most haunted ground on the Isle of Wight.

Mysterious Knighton Gorges casts an enduring spell. The Elizabethan manor house has been gone almost two centuries; but here time passes slowly, and the past throws its shadow on the present in a story of sudden death, insanity, suicide, a malicious life and a gallery of ghosts.

This magnicent haunted house was exorcised long ago, but the ghosts refuse to leave. Read about the spirits at this incredibly active site; accounts of people who witnessed the house reappearing on New Year's Eve, and those who have seen supernatural stone creatures, or gargoyles, on top of the gateposts.

Discover the haunting history of the house and its colourful owners; learn of mysterious power drains and why cars break down there. See old pictures of the house, photographs of ghostly lights and spirit 'orbs', and sketches by a psychic artist. Learn what happened to mediums when they visited Knighton Gorges.

Why was the house demolished? Find out  the truth at last in an incredible and moving 'interview from beyond the grave' with the last owner, Maurice George Bisset. The mystery is revealed at last...

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