*Special Offer* Buy Ghost Books 3 & 5 for just £10

*Special Offer* Buy Ghost Books 3 & 5 for just £10

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For a limited time you can now buy both these books together for just £10 plus postage.

Ghost Island brings you 63 true chilling tales and eerie encounters from the World's Most Haunted Island. All new stories in this 144-page fifth book in the series include: The Curse of Dodnor, Dead Man Walking, A Tragic Princess and the Railwayman's Ghost. Learn of the power hungry spirit who ran up a huge electricity bill, as well as more spooky happenings at Ventnor Botanic Gardens.

Ghosts of the Isle of Wight Book Four  brings more supernatural tales and eerie encounters on the Haunted Isle. These intriguing stories include ... The phantom soldiers at the Needles Battery ...  Ghost-girl in the well at Carisbrooke Castle ... Appuldurcombe's phantom carriage ... The sexy spirit at Ryde's Prince Consort  ... The dead take a bow at Shanklin Theatre ... What lurks on Gallows Hill? ...  A dark cliff-top deed and a killer gang of smugglers ... Beware the psychic timebomb of old Ventnor Hospital ...  The macabre procession at Arreton. Read about the Darker Side of Newport where a phantom lift still runs in a fashion store ... Meet the Grey Lady of Woolworths ... The Guilty Guildhall Ghost.

Dine out with the Ghost-cat of Essex Cottage Restaurant ... Learn of Lady Tennyson's gentle spirit ... Ghost-trains in the night ...  The Dead of Whitecroft.  Finally, no book on Isle of Wight Ghosts would be complete without more tales of  the lost manor of Knighton Gorges, the  most haunted place on the Island, which is said to reappear each New Year's Eve ... Read about the supernatural stone creatures ...  Why are cars drained of power there? ... See evidence of strange poltergeist lights captured on film.  Are the accounts true? Sceptics may scoff, but scores of witnesses who have seen or experienced these manifestations are convinced they are genuine. Why not judge for yourself?

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