Ghosts of the Isle of Wight III

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The number of reported hauntings and ghostly happenings on the Isle of Wight continues to grow.  As the author of previous books on the subject, and an impartial observer of this phenomena, Gay Baldwin has been inundated with new reports of unexplained occurences. This book contains a completely new selection from her current files.

"Prepare to be amazed as you journey around the island"

Why the Isle of Wight should rank as Britain's most haunted place is an enduring question. Gay Baldwin admits to being baffled by these ghostly goings on and the reasons for the hauntings. She carefully investigates each reports by researching the history of buildings and the backgrounds of its previous occupants and by talking to the current incumbents she simply retells the facts in the light of subsequent, apparently supernatural events.

Prepare to be amazed as you journey around the Island to visit haunted houses, pubs, mills, factories, hotels and hospitals, to meet the shades of a motley collection of souls, jilted brides, grieving nurses, undertakers and other assorted spirits - each of them seemingly attached to their long term haunts.

Meet Freda the ghost of Rookery Nook, encounter the apparitions fo soldiers, fisherman, smugglers, grocers and a troop of boy scouts - there is even a blue-blooded royal ghost. There is a gang of naughty ghost children and a joy-riding ghost who hitches a ride to his host's place of work. There are ghosts that perfom to expectation and glide effortlessly through solid walls and there are a few that have some violent tendencies - one ghost stays locked away behind bars in of one of the Island's jails at Parkhurst Prison.

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