What you think of the new Knighton Gorges book

Some of your comments on the new Knighton Gorges book, thanks and keep them coming. Here are a few, including this from the Editor of Journal of the Ghost Club: You can also read the review in the Ghost Club Journal

"I really found the book to be a breath of fresh air. Yours was a fabulous mix of history and ghosts and it certainly increased my curiosity about the place.  I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone either interested in ghosts, or the history of the Isle of Wight and will defibnitely be seeking out the crumbling gateposts of Knighton Gorges for myself next time I visit the Island.

"Once a favourite holiday location for Queen Victoria, The Isle of Wight sits in the Solent about 4 miles off the Hampshire coast line and boasts that it is the most haunted island in the World.  This is a reputation richly deserved, as it seems that any places on the Island can claim a ghostly inhabitant or two.  One place which seems to beat them all hands down is the legendary Knighton Gorges, situated under Knighton Down in the parish of Newchurch.  Once the grandest mansion on the Island, sadly all you will find today of Knighton Gorges are two decaying stone gateposts and an overgrown driveway. The land on which the house used to sit is private property.

"For those who don’t know of the ghost stories culminating from Knighton Gorges, there are several, and until I read this book, I hadn’t realised quite how many!  Things still happen – cars are said to inexplicably break down in the vicinity, power drains. A big plus for me with this book is that Gay doesn’t just concentrate on the Hauntings, she also covers the history of the house and its inhabitants in great detail. 

"This I feel, gives the ghost stories much more credibility.  The book has a good selection of pictures and although no photographs of Knighton Gorges exist (the camera hadn’t been invented at the time the building was demolished), Gay makes good use of artist impressions and ingravings, so you can get a good sense of what the building looked like.     SARAH DARNELL, The Ghost Club.

Ghosts of Knighton Gorges, Brilliant read, especially the historical background.  When's the next "FIX" please?  WAYNE THOMAS.

John Matthews wrote:
"Loved the book Gay! thanks for a great read. What's next?"

Nick Harvey wrote:
"Congratulations must be in order - a wonderful read, very informative and I now know so much more about Knighton Gorges. You should be very proud of this one and I would like to say well done. All your research and hard work has paid off and I hope you have a well deserved rest after this one!"

Jerome Small wrote:
"Finished reading your book half an hour ago.  I only started reading it at about 6 o clock last night must be a record."

Sue Little  of Newport, IW, wrote:
"Hello Gay, I am enjoying reading your book, thanks also for the quick delivery to my door. "

Maureen Hastings of Gosport, wrote:
Thanks for the book, which I was unable to put down and read it in one evening!! What a story, it  must be your best yet. I wish you lots of success with the book."

Alan Stroud of Cowes, wrote:
"You'll be pleased to hear I read the first part of your book, about the history of the house, in just two goes. I couldn't put it down. You've missed your vocation; you should have been a historian. It's really very good; I enjoyed it and I learnt a lot about the house and it's history that I didn't know. I like the way you've done the anorak's guide to the house and gathered together all the information from different sources and put it all in one place; that's how all histories should be done."

 Jo Monck of Niton wrote:
"Just reading the book for a second time and it is just as good second time round, really enjoyed  both the history and the ghost stories, excellent, so much research!  That house is addictive."

Chaz Mason of  West Midlands writes:
Without a doubt the best thing you have ever done and probably the most significant monograph on a haunted site since Harry Price wrote "The Haunting of Borley Rectory". You did miss a trick though, you should have produced a hardback edition as it is certainly worthy of one and might command more respect from the serious research organisations.
It has been a really frustrating read though. God alone knows what the draw of that site is but every chapter has made me want to be there. The presence of so much water beneath the site is possibly significant in relation the the activity at the site and I am sure there is a secret buried in the rubble of the cellar, I have fantasised about excavating the site and would love to get actually into the fabric of the old building one day."

Colin Smith of Saffron Walden, Essex  wrote:
"Can I just say....  WOW!!!!!   What a book...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can honestly say i've not stopped reading it since i got it. Every spare moment at work or back home, its back into the book to find out more information. Your books have been a great source of inspiration to me and helped in my understanding of the Islands haunted sites. I look forward to future books which will no doubt get better and better (although this one has set a new benchmark)."


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