The Scandalous Lady W

Mon, 10 August 2015

'The Scandalous Lady W' is due to be aired on BBC2 on August 20. Don't miss it!

Is the Scandal of Lady W the BBC's most racy costume drama yet?
The film stars British actress Natalie Dormer as Lady Seymour Worsley, a woman who shocked 18th century society with her debauchery, which was condoned by her husband, Sir Richard Worsley, Governor and MP for the Island. Read the full story in Ghosts of Knighton Gorges.In the Scandalous Lady W, viewers watch as she beds a number of lovers as she portrays Lady Seymour Worsley, a woman who shocked 18th-century society with her debauchery.She was said to have taken 27 lovers - an alarming number of partners for a Lady in Georgian England who was expected only to sleep with her husband.



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