Lily Deacon's ghost survived the demolition of 'her' pub

Thu, 03 October 2013
If anyone has been wondering what happened to the ghost of Lily Deacon when the old Partlands Hotel at Ryde, Isle of Wight, was demolished in 2006, the answer is ... nothing. She is still there and has been making her presence felt in one of the apartments at what is now a development of apartments and townhouses known as Swanmore Court, Ryde.Oartlands Hotel demolition
I visited recently to hear about what has been happening at the site of the pub which once voted the 'grottiest pub in Britain'.
Lily, the spirit of a Victorian barmaid first featured in my Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight in 1977, and further stories appeared later in my book 3.
Lily Deacon enjoyed playing practical jokes on a succession of landlords and bar staff. Customers too, occasionally tasted Lily's bubbly sense of humour. Local rumour has it that Lily was murdered by a jealous husband or lover in the old stone cellars and her body bricked up in one of the old smugglers' tunnels down there.
At one time her name - Lily Deacon - was scrawled all over the cellar ceiling in black capital letters. By the name was the date 1896. An elderly customer recalled a story about Lily the barmaid, meeting death at the hands of her jealous husband or lover, down there.That old lath and plaster ceiling has disappeared now along with the rest of the old pub, and the name of Lily Deacon with it. The mystery however, and the spirit of Lily, remains.
I went to see the pub being demolished in 2006, see photos below. Does anyone know what happened to the pub sign as the residents of the new flats would like it back?

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