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Ghost photo at Yaverland Manor

Jo Monck writes, "Just sending a photo I took in the Drawing room at Yaverland Manor near Sandown prior to it being put on the market, I thought it was my reflection at first and didn't think any more of it, about a year on  I showed it to a professional photographer who said that the angle of the flash meant it couldn't have been my reflection, so I then sent it to a friend who works for Marks and Spencer  in London producing their magazine, she sent it to the print department who magnified and couldn't find any explanation for it.  So just sending it to you out of interest!  (People have said it looks like someone in a military uniform which I certainly don't own!)

I have the original on my other computer taken with a digital camera, together with some orb type photos I took at the manor I really didn't notice anything unusual about them until watching a tv programme re; ghosts.

My husband's family owned the Manor from 1939 to October 2006, an amazing place, my Mother in law said that her Great Dane, Azor, wouldn't go into St. Urians wood (now owned by the RSPB) as it was cursed, but we never had a problem with ours, obviously not very psychic! Although one evening   in the Great Hall my labrador started growling at the Drawing room door, hackles up, obviously very upset, he also used to watch something we couldn't see walk across the hall frequently! My Father in law's diary from 1939 said it was 'full of friendly ghosts'.

We always smelt the most wonderful aroma of flowers when we came back from being on the mainland, no explanation, we checked everything, just felt like a welcome back.  The flowers were also smelt by several people under the portrait of my Husband's Grandmother, the granddaughter of Sir Robert Peel who is holding a posy in the portrait.

A friend of one of my mother in law's carers who stayed in the 'Oak Room'  said that she was kept awake by little green lights dancing on the ceiling!"


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