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Northwood House, Cowes

GHOSTS OF NORTHWOOD HOUSE Ward Avenue, Cowes. (Public park) Watch out in magnificent Northwood Park for a group of noisy ghost-children whose excited screams are heard at dusk as they play and swing on the branches of the gnarled old trees. A grinning phantom pirate called Henry also haunts the cellars of Northwood House. Wearing black sea boots, a striped jersey, knotted scarf and single earring, he still walks the stone Ghost Book 3 to read more NOW


Arreton Manor

GHOSTS OF ARRETON MANOR Arreton (now closed to public but open for Bed and Breakfast visitors). A brutal family murder and a young girl, pushed from a window to her death, are at the heart of the hauntings at Arreton Manor. A little figure in a blue dress is regularly seen and heard, crying 'Mama Mama'. Other regular visitors to the manor are ghostly monks, whose grave chanting is heard, while the figure of a woman wearing a long cherry-red gown, is .... BUY BOOK 1 TO READ MORE NOW



Castle Inn, Newport

The Castle Inn is the oldest pub in Newport, dating back to the 1600s and a very active haunted site. Ghosts here include a Cavalier, a whistling stable lad, ghost cats, and a generous ghost which leaves 5p pieces around the bar.




Ventnor Botanic Gardens

GHOSTS AT VENTNOR BOTANIC GARDENS. One of the must haunted places on the Isle of Wight,  the Old Royal National Hospital treated the killer disease tuberculosis. Thousands of patients died there and the ghosts of some linger. When the half-mile long building was demolished in 1969, the site became a botanic garden. The hospital was haunted long before this, and today long-dead patients are seen and heard. Ghostly weeping, groaning, smells of ether  are reported. A sickly, consumptive-looking ghost, and phantom nurses in old fashioned uniforms walk the gardens. Read of these and a menacing dark entity seen in trees ..........BUY BOOKS 1, 2 AND 7 WITH STORIES OF THE INCREDIBLY HAUNTED BOTANIC GARDENS NOW



Appuldurcombe House, Wroxall

Ghosts of Appuldurcombe at Wroxall (open to the public) This handsome haunted mansion, Appuldurcombe House with 365 windows and 52 rooms is a shell of its former self. The ghosts however, remain. They include a phantom carriage, brownclad monks, dark shapes glimpsed flitting through the grounds. Read more ghostly goings on in the dark cellars ...Buy Book 4 and the new Ghosts of Knighton Gorges to learn how these two haunted houses are linked NOW


Knighton Gorges, Newchurch

KNIGHTON GORGES Newchurch (privately-owned, but visible from road and public footpath) This is undoubtedly the Island’s most haunted place. Every New Year’s Eve, Islanders gather here to watch for the ghostly house to re-appear at midnight. A pair of weathered stone gateposts are all that remain of the manor house of Knighton Gorges, yet it lives on, its blood-red history a testament to murder, suicide, insanity, malice, and a gallery of ghosts. A coach and horses, poltergeist lights, phantom revels and tales of stone creatures seen upon the old gate pillars, are just a few of the spooky happenings in this strange place.


Hare and Hounds, Gallows Hill, Arreton

Haunted Hare and Hounds Inn, Downend, Arreton is an historic haunted pub. Michal Morey who killed his young grandson in cold blood, was tried and hanged at Winchester, and his corpse brought back to Arreton, in 1737. It was left rotting on the Downend gibbet at the crossroads at Gallows Hill, near the Hare and Hounds, until it became "an offence to eye and nostril". See the gibbet crossbeam,  in the pub. Morey's restless spirit can also be seen, roaming Gallows Hill, carrying a large axe ....  Read all about Morey's ghost and details of the murder and manhunt. BUY  Book 1 NOW



Osborne House, East Cowes

Osborne House was Queen Victoria's favourite home. From this Royal holiday home much of the world was governed. Monarchs, emperors, prime ministers and ambassadors regularly visited Queen Victoria  here. Her ghost is still here with ghosts of some Royal children. Other spirits too, linger at Osborne, A late afternoon in the autumn is a particularly good time for its ghosts ...... Read of the murdered maid, the ghosts in the gardens, and the woman in black who stands at the window. Read too about Victoria and Albert's seances at Osborne. Buy Books 6 and Book 7 and Osborne House CD NOW


The Pub That Vanished

This incredible Ghost Pub is open to the public - if you can find it! One dark November night two Island men set out on what became the strangest night of their lives. They came upon a pub  where they shared a drink with some unsociable spirits. The drab bar felt unwelcoming and cold. Hostile eyes turned towards the two strangers and all conversation ceased. That pub has never been seen again. Despite repeated attempts it has never been found.  Have fun looking for it..... BUY BOOK 2 Now and discover where to search...


St George's Church, Arreton

Haunted Arreton Church. Watch out for this amazing haunted grave in St George's Churchyard. The unquiet spirit  in Arreton Churchyard, is known for tossing unwary visitors over his grave. His headstone reads 'Death is most certain you may see, For certainly it came to me, In perfect health to me twas sent, By Accident most violent. Buy Book 4 NOW to discover how he died and where the haunted gravestone lies.




The Longstone, Mottistone

This ancient standing stone has long been associated with the supernatural, spirits and occult ceremonies. Today witchcraft and occult rituals are still performed there. Read about how white witches have performed a ceremony there to cleanse the Longstone of its evil aura, and the ghostly goings on at this powerful place. Buy Book 2 and Book 6 NOW


Golden Hill Fort, Freshwater

The ghosts of Golden Hill Fort are seen, heard and smelled.  Buy BOOK 2 NOW to read about the phantom of a treacherous sailor  hanged after trying to sell secrets to the enemy, the ghost of a First World War Sergeant Major who was so hated by his men that he "accidentally" fell down one of the fort's spiral stone staircases, breaking his neck. How ocked doors open of their own accord,  long-gone pipe smoke is smelled,  strange "cold spots"  and how you are never completely alone at haunted Golden Hill Fort....


Isle of Wight Zoo, Sandown

A young ghostly soldier cut in half in a tragic accident at the old Sandown Fort, haunts Sandown Zoo Since his agonising death the soldier's ghost has been sighted at the old gun emplacement in the fort and near the moat.  BUY BOOK 2 to read about how he was working on one of the fort's 18-ton guns when it rolled backwards, cutting him in two.  Long dead Ghost soldiers march in the fort, read about them in Ghost Book 7 NOW


Chale Church, Chale

Haunted Chale Church:  a sombre phantom funeral Buy Book 3 NOW to read about how strangely garbed mourners in 18th century clothing, standing, with their heads bowed at a freshly dug grave, appeared during an incredible time-slip at Chale churchyard.



Newport's ghost train

Ghost Trains at Newport: No train has run from Newport for some 40 years, except this ancient locomotive with three carriages, seen steaming towards the town of Cowes. BUY BOOK 2 NOW and read how the train appeared  in mid-air.  The last steam trains ran to Newport in the1960's and this was undoubtedly a ghost-train.


Sloop Inn, Wootton Bridge

A ghost at the haunted Sloop Inn, Wootton Bridge, likes to hit the jackpot on the pub's fruit machines. At dead of night, long after customers and staff have left, the unmistakable sound of coins being paid out is heard, when the bar is locked ..... and the electricity turned off. BUY BOOK 3 NOW AND Read all about the  ghost playing the fruit machines and one that haunts the bar, office and cellars.


The Prince Consort, Ryde

Haunted Prince Consort: Built in 1846 by Queen Victoria to rival the Royal Yacht Squadron (which did not admit ladies) the Royal Victoria Yacht Club was the centre of smart society. Some long dead members and other ghosts linger there. BUY BOOK 4 NOW and  read about the lecherous maid with a fondness for men; a young ghost-girl in a white gown who dances alone in the ballroom; a black-gowned figure who screams silently as she plummets down the stairs; an amiable apparition known as Albert; the shades of two young children; and a curious trio of ghosts in old-fashioned evening clothes who appeared in the bar.


Priory Bay Hotel, Nettlestone, Ryde

Ghosts at The Priory: Once a medieval Priory, this hotel Priory Bay Hotel,  is haunted by a sweet, gentle ghost; the spirit of a young girl and the pet dog she loved beyond the grave. BUY BOOK 2 NOW and read about her tragic deat, how her beloved spaniel was stuffed and put in a glass case. Learn why the girl's ghost was seen, running down corridors, calling and sobbing, "What have you done with my dog?". There is also a story about 'The Dog's Revenge'.


Trinity Theatre, Cowes

Ghosts at Trinity Theatre, Cowes, BUY BOOK 2 NOW to read about The Mystery of the Bloodstained Footprints and The Shadow at the Window, and how the theatre ghost literally gets in on the act and tries to steal the show. The mysterious footprints  come and go for no apparent reason. Learn how they appear there in the auditorium, and why ....


St Catherine's Lighthouse, Niton

Haunted St Catherine's Lighthouse. Below the haunted Buddle Inn at the southernmost point of the Island stands St Catherine's Lighthouse.  In the last war a bomb tragically killed all three keepers who lie buried together in the local churchyard at Niton. A polished brass memorial to them is displayed in the main lighthouse tower. BUY BOOK 6 NOW to see the incredible photograph of a ghost in the tower. Read about the noisy ghost family who live in the keeper's cottage.


Enchanted Manor, Niton

Haunted Enchanted Manor, Niton. For over a century Wind Cliff was home to members of the wealthy Kirkpatrick family. Today it is the award-winning Funkiest B and B in England. Several ghosts haunt the old house. BUY BOOK 7 NOW to read about the gentleman in Edwardian dress, the mischievous ghost-boys and and the ghost of Mrs Prendergast who keeps an eye on her old home.  She usually stays on the first and second floors where she checks everything is in its place.


The Batswing, Godshill

Ghosts at The Bat's wing, Godshill. If you want to share your meal with a ghost, don't forget to ask for a certain haunted table. BUY BOOK 6 NOW to find out which is the haunted one! This ancient thatched cottage built in 1536, is now a popular tearoom. A tunnel leading from the Bat's Wing cellar to the church at the top of the hill was used by priests in hiding.  The spirit of an elderly lady named Rose, haunts the Bat's Wing. She wears a long black dress, probably from early Victorian times, and a white apron looped at her shoulders, reaching down to the floor. She can be seen sitting in a rocking chair with a ginger cat asleep on her knee. She stays in the tearooms and sits at a certain table  -  because that's where her rocking chair once stood.


Wheatsheaf Hotel, Newport

Ghosts at the Wheatsheaf Hotel, Newport. Their pistols primed and ready, the two officers took aim and fired. Two shots rang out at Carisbrooke Castle where the duel took place. Only one found its mark. The seconds ran to the wounded man who was bleeding heavily from the right shoulder. A servant was hastily sent for a surgeon. He could do little, for the shot had torn through lung and spinal cord. BUY BOOK 1 NOW to read how it took two long days for the wounded man to die at the Wheatsheaf Hotel in Newport's St Thomas's Square.  He was just 28 years old and had been married but a few days. But whose ghost  haunts that bedroom at the Wheatsheaf Hotel where guests see a ghostly figure sitting on the end of their bed?


Wolverton Manor, Shorwell

Ghosts at Wolverton Manor, Shorwell. A murdered minstrel, a drowned trooper, portraits that  carry a curse, ghostly footsteps that echoed miles away in a Newport newspaper office - these are the ingredients of the strange story of Wolverton Manor. Read all about it in GHOST BOOK 1. BUY IT NOW.


Crab Inn, Old Village, Shanklin

One of the oldest and quaintest pubs on the Isle of Wight must surely be the Crab Inn, near Shanklin Chine in the Old Village. Steeped in history, with its thatched roof, flagstone floors, wood panelling, gleaming brasses and old-fashioned roses twining around the door, it is the epitome of a traditional English inn. For it to be haunted as well seems almost too good to be true. Over many years a white lady has been seen in part of the original building, where at a certain table, customers will often remark on the sudden chill which catches them unawares.


Buddle Inn, Niton

The Buddle Inn, which sits on the cliff top overlooking St Catherine's Lighthouse, started life as a three-room farm cottage in the sixteenth century. The inn's exact age is unknown, although it was granted its first licence in 1850. It had been operating as an unlicensed alehouse for many years prior to that and farming continued there until the First World War. The Buddle stream which rises in the back yard, always 12 degrees colder than the tap water, was once used for watercress beds and more importantly, for cooling beer.
Here, on a wild and stormy winter's night, while snug in the cosy old inn with its stone-flagged floors, dark beams and massive open fireplace, tales of ghostly smugglers, wreckers and phantom fishermen don't seem so far fetched. Over the years, several people have talked of seeing figures walking from the fireplace across the bar and into the end wall on the Ventnor side of the pub. One lady was so spooked that she refused to stay. People see the ghosts of long-dead smugglers, sailors and customs men, wearing very old-fashioned clothing, with hats and long jackets, passing through the bar.


St Olave's Church, Gatcombe

One Halloween at Gatcombe Churchyard, the ghost of little girl was seen. She had bobbed blonde hair and wore what looked like a pale dress or nightie. She hid behind a gravestone, then ran towards a group of visitors in a mischievous and playful way, suddenly darting away into the darkness towards the gate.
They searched the area where the little girl had appeared and looked at the headstone she had hidden behind. What they saw gave them quite a shock. That grave belonged to a child who had died in October, a few years before.


Spitbank Fort

For well over a century, four massive granite sea fortresses have guarded the Solent approaches to Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight. Nicknamed Palmerston's Follies, after the Prime Minister who authorised their construction, they were intended to guard Britain from the threat of French invasion.
Spitbank Fort, the smallest of the four, took 16 years to build, and was manned by 150 men. The fort is haunted by the shadowy figure known by staff as Henry - the name of the only soldier known to have died on active service at the fort. He was apparently cleaning out one of the guns when a shell became stuck, backfired, and blew him apart.


Newtown Woods

The ghostly sounds of  children sobbing has been heard in the otherwise empty ancient woodland at Newtown. Once the capital of the Island,  it was destroyed by the French in the 14th century and never recovered. Today little remains of the town, which was a 'Rotten Borough' intil the early 1800s. The sounds which are sometimes heard in the woods may be the ghosts of children who were rounded up and massacred there by the French invaders.


Norris Castle, East Cowes

A phantom who still wants to be of service from beyond the grave can be found shuffling along the central passage at Norris Castle, East Cowes. His creaky, arthritic footsteps have been heard when the household are at dinner, and on one notable occasion an admiral and his lady were among dinner party guests who ran out to see who was making the sounds. All they saw was an empty passageway. Now he's allowed to buttle in peace. Everyone's used to him and even the dogs show no alarm. Occasionally he apparently attempts, in a properly respectful way, to draw attention to himself. He gives a cough. A small, deferential cough...





Compton Beach ghost ship


At the 'Back of the Wight is notorious Atherfield Ledge, which for centuries, has claimed countless ships and hundreds of lives. These treacherous rocks, just half a mile square, occupy a deadly position in the bay and an extraordinary number of vessels have gone down in this ships' graveyard.

Their ghosts are sometimes still seen, sailing again and again to their doom, and fishermen tell strange tales of hauntings on those lonely beaches...A century ago, Islanders living along that stretch of coast swore that on certain nights they saw a phantom Revenue ship pass by.

One starlit summer's night as Robin Ford and several friends were enjoying a barbecue, they noticed a three-masted sailing ship drifting ashore in nearby Compton Bay. Outlined by lanterns, the old vessel kept heading towards the beach. When it was just a few yards from shore the lights began to go out and the ship went down, bow-first.



Atherfield Beach ghosts

By day the beaches of Compton, Brook and Atherfield are the haunt of sun worshippers through the long summer  days, but as the sun goes down and shadows lengthen, those same beaches take on a darker and far more sinister aspect.

The 'Back of the Wight' was once the den of smugglers, wreckers and cut- throats. There is scarcely a cove or chine where tubs of contraband have not come secretly ashore in the dead of night.

Is it the spectre of a long-dead smuggler or a shipwrecked sailor which walks the lonely beaches between Blackgang, Atherfield and Chale? There are some local anglers who will not fish alone there at night. They have seen and heard strange things and talk with reluctance of their experiences.



Old Whitecroft Hospital

Like a small self-contained town, Whitecroft Hospital was an Island institution for a century. This 'Isle of Wight County Lunatic Asylum', opened  in 1896 at a cost of £45,000 . As attitudes to mental health changed, it became Whitecroft Mental Hospital, then Whitecroft Hospital. It closed in 1990, a century after the first Victorian pauper inmates were admitted, Whitecroft Hospital is no more. Like other redundant asylums elsewhere in the country, it is being redeveloped. The old hospital has long been reported, documented, and well-known as a most haunted place, with paranormal groups given permission to investigate ghosts there in the past.

In the former nurses' block behind the hospital, doors open and close on their own. Workers on site sometimes feel a ghostly hand tap them on the shoulder; they also complain that tools vanish, or are moved by unseen hands. One of the worst places for this is the base of the clock tower. Some of the men refuse to work there; others just treat it as a laugh.

A misty white figure moves across an old car park near the laundry. This ghost, believed to be a former doctor, stops to peer into one of the empty rooms before vanishing. The figure of a young man in his twenties has also been seen running nearby by several people. Another doctor or senior member of staff has been seen in one of the patient blocks. This smartly-dressed spirit in a dark suit and cravat, and an unkempt mop of hair, moves quickly through the first floor wards, followed by an assistant who hurries behind.


Isle of Wight Lavender Farm

The Lavender Farm ghosts are friendly and take an interest in visitors. Brown clad monks have been seen in the farmyard amongst the ancient buildings and the house itself is also haunted. The owners here will tell you about their ghosts when asked.




Needles Old Battery, Alum Bay

Perched high on the cliffs overlooking the Needles, the Old Battery is a fort built in the 1860s to destroy enemy shipping. Ghostly soldiers in First World War uniform still run along a 200ft tunnel to the searchlight post above the Needles rocks, while a war-time car in camouflage colours has been seen driving slowly, in total darkness, down the narrow winding road. 




Dimbola Lodge, Freshwater Bay

Few ghosts are more formidable than that of pioneer Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron. She still inhabits her former home, now the photographic museum and gallery Cameron House, restored and run by a charitable trust. Mrs Cameron's ghost has been seen, heard, and even smelled, in various parts of the house, as she takes a particular interest in overseeing the work. Her pale spirit, appears in a silk taffeta gown, dark bronze in colour, with a high neck and tight sleeves. Her hair is in ringlets and her dress rustles as she moves.


Carisbrooke Castle

For more than nine centuries Carisbrooke Castle has stood firm against attack, but within the stone walls and Keep, its ghosts roam. In the famous well-house where donkeys work the wooden treadwheel, the face of a long-dead girl, Elizabeth Ruffin, who drowned in the160ft deep well, has been seen. A mysterious ghostly figure in a long cloak, with four dainty lap dogs, walks the castle grounds, while the ghost of a young man wearing brown jerkin and trousers is seen near the moat. Other phantoms include a Victorian lady in grey and a 'presence' in the Castle gatehouse.


Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes

The world's most prestigious yacht club, the Royal Yacht Squadron at Cowes can  boast a ghost or two, although they are rarely mentioned in polite society. The RYS with its headquarters at Cowes Castle has "always numbered in its ranks the wealthiest and most eminent of the nobility and gentry". The old Cowe Castle fortress was built in 1540 by Henry VIII and although no shot was ever fired in anger from its canon, it once played a strategic part in the Island's defences.

The soldier marched across a ground floor room disappearing through the window on the other side. He appeared to walk through things although he looked solid and substantial. He carried what looked like a long pill-box hat under his arm and wore an old-fashioned uniform with a tunic, breeches and long boots. His was a faded white figure - but he had quite a spring in his step as he crossed the room.




Sandown Pier

Sandown Pier is haunted by more than one ghost. The first pier was built in 1879, but this only extended 360 feet because the Sandown Pier Company ran out of money! In 1933, Sandown Pier was further extended as a new 1,000-seat pavilion was built at the shoreward end. The original pavilion at the pierhead became a ballroom.
By 1968 the pier boasted a 980-seat theatre, the largest on the Island at the time. Many big stars, including Jimmy Tarbuck, Cilla Black, Lenny Henry and Bob Monkhouse, topped the bill there. Entertainer John Martin and impressionist Marc Duane saw a ghost on stage one night, after the show.
They saw a man standing in the middle of the stage, laughing. Then he turned ninety degrees, looked at them, and walked off stage, straight through the curtain. They thought at first it was a joke. Then it dawned on them that it wasn't. John screamed and ran for the security guard. The situation was just so weird. The theatre suddenly felt freezing cold. 


St Thomas' Church, Ryde

Visitors to Ryde may notice a small, tranquil garden just off the top of Union Street.  What most will not realise is that this was once the graveyard for the town's oldest church, consecrated as a chapel in 1719 and re-built in 1827. Until that time, pious townsfolk had to make the twelve-mile round trip each Sunday to their parish church at Newchurch.
The Gothic-style St Thomas' Church is now a Grade II listed building in Ryde's Conservation Area. Sadly neglected over recent years, despite a brief resurgence as a heritage centre for convict transportation records at the time of the Australian bi-centennial, it has now been restored.
Something there sets off the alarm in the dead of night and the old church is haunted by the sound of a man's footsteps which are heard on the wooden floor of the upper gallery....


Seal House, Newport

Seal House in Sea Street is a large three-storey house, built in the late seventeenth century, overlooking Newport Quay. One of the few remaining examples of a wealthy merchant's house, with wood- panelled rooms and extensive brick-lined cellars, it is home to Andrew Turner, the Island's MP , and his partner, Carol.
Seal House is haunted by a little grinning red-haired apparition, which has been seen kneeling at the end of a bed.


Clatterford Road, Carisbrooke

Archaeologists are used to handling the remains and artefacts of the dead.  But here on the Island, the archaeologists' work is overseen by a ghost. The Isle of Wight Archaeology and Historic Environment Service occupies an old Church of England Infant school in Carisbrooke. Built in 1836 for 80 children, the school also had a teacher's living accommodation. Here, in the old Victorian schoolhouse, among boxes of artefacts and treasures, bones and skulls, the ghost, thought to be a woman, is sometimes heard but seldom seen.
Staff have heard light footsteps on the stairs  at night, the sound of the front door opening and people coming in, but when theycheck, there's nobody there. A security guard saw a ghostly figure in the locked building one night. Occasionally the alarm system goes off in the night. Perhaps a former schoolmistress is still around and keeping an eye on things.



Three Bishops, Brighstone

Brighstone once boasted two inns, The Five Bells and The New Inn, which stood next to one another. Today the old thatched Five Bells is the newsagent and Brighstone Store. The New Inn, a former coaching inn with 'stables, guestrooms and pleasure garden' was extensively renovated in the 1920s, and renamed the Three Bishops in 1977. Two ghosts have been seen here. One is a young girl, aged seven or eight. The other is an older woman, who regulars and landlords affectionately call Maggie, after a former landlady. The pub also has several cold spots, which are evident when Maggie is around.


Brading Roman Villa

As well as a ghostly shepherd who appears in a far corner of the Villa, other visitors have seen a line of several Roman sandaled feet walking clost to the original entrance. One visitor reported seeing four lines marching in pairs. The feet were in laced leather sandals, and the ghostly Roman soldiers' ankles and lower legs were also visible.


Billingham Manor

Many tales have been told about Billingham Manor, once the home of author J B Priestley. Eminent people have related their strange experiences there. Ghosts who have walked its panelled rooms, along its corridors, up its magnificent Inigo Jones staircase, include a woman in grey, a man in red and an invisible being with a beautiful voice. The severed head of Charles I is said to have shone with a phosphorescent glow from a secret recess. Dead men have fought duels in the moonlight. And poltergeist activity has been reported there on such a scale that the solid old building itself seemed to shake.


Bouldnor ghost ship, Yarmouth

A ghostly galleon under full sail was seen one summer night by a couple fishing at Bouldnor, near Yarmouth. could hardly believe their eyes when the vessel came so close inshore that they felt they could almost touch it.

They had a fire on the beach, it was a lovely clear night, and the fish were biting well when they noticed an old three-masted ship like the Mary Rose, out at sea. There were flickering lanterns on the masts and at the bow and stern.

As they watched in amazement, the vessel sailed closer and closer to shore right in front of them - then slowly disappeared. As dawn broke  they knew it was no real ship they had seen but an image from the past. Nothing that size could have sailed so close to the shore and not run aground.



Old Newport Grammar School

One of Newport's oldest and most historic buildings, the old King James I Grammar School, in Lower St James's Street, is haunted by royalty. King Charles I stayed there for sixty days in 1648, before being taken to London for his trial and subsequent execution. Now a youth centre, supernatural happenings are centred around the first floor chamber where the king slept. Footsteps are heard, and figures seen moving around a room lit by dim, flickering candles. The King's ghost has even been captured on film, and a photograph taken in the grounds shows a figure in Cavalier's costume standing at the window.


Union Inn, Cowes

From just ten houses in 1631, Cowes expanded to 148 dwellings by 1691. Shipbuilding, which brought prosperity and rapid growth to the town, did not take hold until the middle of the eighteenth century. Before this most people were openly involved in smuggling, a dangerous but lucrative activity which provided a reasonable living.
Little now remains of Old Cowes. In the late 1700s most of the wooden houses were pulled down and replaced with grander residences. However in Watch House Lane three tiny fishermen's cottages survived.....They now form part of the Union Inn, a charmingly historic pub whose crooked timbers, winding passageways, and odd nooks and crannies give a glimpse of that past. But at the Union, the past is never far away  - the pub ghosts make sure of that.
Local legend has it that there was once a sea-light on a tower above the Union Inn to guide fisherman safely back to the harbour at night. The tower-keeper's wife always kept it burning when her husband was at sea, fishing. But one stormy night tragedy struck when she forgot to check the lamp. Her husband and several other fishermen drowned. Her remorseful ghost continued to climb those stairs to the long-vanished tower to keep the lamp burning. This old story was handed down for generations - but there may be some truth in it, for  the remains of a unique and ingenious system of glass lenses has been discovered at The Union. These ancient lenses were set into each floor so that a constant watch could be kept to ensure that the sea-light was still burning.


Pilot Boat Inn, Bembridge

The Isle of Wight's branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, describes the Pilot Boat Inn as a'One-bar pub that is best known for its exterior, converted to resemble a ship in 1935, hence its name. Thanks to its lively and enthusiastic staff, it is now a thriving community pub with customers giving it a buzz.'
It's a great review, but the inn's high spirits may be due to more than its customers, for the Pilot Boat has a ghost, which helps itself to rum and lager.
Customers and staff remark that they 'feel' someone walking or standing behind them and glimpse this fleeting presence and a psychic lady who had never visited the Pilot Boat before, announced that the pub ghost was a smuggler with a liking for rum. She added that he liked to sit and look out to sea from the look out point in the floor lounge.


Crown Inn, Shorwell

This quaint traditional village pub is haunted by a woman seen in the bar area and a man's spirit in the attics. The haunted Crown Inn at Shorwell was investigated recently, see photos and video of the night's vigil here

 Read about more ghosts at Shorwell in The Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight


Vernon Cottage, Shanklin

Haunted Vernon Cottage in Shanklin Old Village. This picturesque thatched 17th centry stone building complete with smugglers' tunnels, is haunted by several spirits, among them the ghost of a housekeeper who fell down the stairs and the pretty young wife whose husband caught her with a lover and killed her!


Jolliffe's Coffee Shop, Shooter's Hill, Cowes

The ghost of an elderly shopkeeper is seen in the old Jolliffe's shoe shop building in Shooter's Hill at Cowes. This fabulous old Art Deco building, now a coffee shop and art gallery is well worth a visit. The ghost appears upstairs and is thought to have been one of the original owners of the shop. He has been seen several time in 2010 and startles customers by vanishing in front of them!



Pointer Inn, Newchurch

Newchurch already has more than enough spirits, but it is only fitting that the village pub should also have its own friendly ghost, a short, plump elderly lady who has been seen at The Pointer Inn, parts of which date back almost 500 years. When (the late) Ivy Welstead was landlady there during the 1950s and early 60s, she met the friendly apparition coming through the back door of the pub. "From the clothes she was wearing, I think she must have lived about 200 years ago. I met her head on as I was going out of the door. I realised immediately that she was a spirit, because I could see right through her," said Ivy. ...Read more in Ghosts of Knighton Gorges (Book 8)



Blackgang Chine

 The very word "Blackgang" has a legendary ring about it, summoning up visions of smugglers, shipwrecks and wild storm lashed shores. The famous Victorian Theme Park has a number of haunted hot-spots, including Rumpus Mansion, the Ship Ashore Inn, old Blackgang Hotel and its underground cellars, where a number of ghosts are known to roam. With its long tradition of smuggling and wrecking, Blackgang Chine was once the hideout of the notorious Black Gang of smugglers.

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