Ghost Hunting tips

GHOST INVESTIGATOR'S GUIDE - some ghosthunting tips

This short check-list for ghost-hunters is based on a Society for Psychical Research guide to investigating hauntings. If you want to go ghost-hunting, don't trespass on private property, take a friend, a camera, go with an open mind, and remember:

 There's nothing quite so funny as the idea of a ghost...until you happen to meet one!

Don't forget that if you record anything unusual or catch a ghost on camera, let me know or go to the Your Story section of the website and you can upload your story and photos. 



Telephone number and email address:

Location of encounter:

Time and date(s) of encounter:

Weather conditions:                                            
Lighting conditions:

Your distance from apparition:

Witnesses present:

Was the ghost fully or partially visible? If so describe its shape, size, colour and appearance:

Was it opaque:                        shadowy:              solid:

Was it male:                            female:                 child:          animal:

What was the ghost wearing?

How long did the phenomenon last?

Was the ghost in motion:                           If so, how did it move:

Did it pass through any solid object including walls, doors or people?

Did it make any noise (i.e. bangings, footsteps, sobbing)?

Did the ghost speak?                                  
What was said?

Was the ghost aware of your presence?

Did you notice a rise or fall in temperature?

Did you recognise the ghost as a deceased person?

Did the ghost frighten you?

Were any animals present?                        How did they react?

Does the ghost appear regularly?

Is there any pattern to the appearances?

Are objects moved?                                     
Do objects disappear/ appear?

Does the ghost affect electrical equipment or machinery?

Do you notice any smell?
What is it?

Does the site have a history of hauntings?

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