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For thirty-three years, internationally-known paranormal author Gay Baldwin has been researching and recording true ghost stories since 1977 when her first book, The Original Ghosts of the Isle of Wight was published.This book has been so successful that over 100,000 copies have been sold worldwide to date.

Following the huge success of this book, so many more ghost stories continue to emerge from Ghost Island that she has researched and written a six more books: More Ghosts, Ghosts of the Isle of Wight III, Isle of Wight Ghosts book four, Ghost Island, Most Haunted Island and Even More Ghosts. Gay has also researched and produced The Ghost Hunter's Guide, a handy map and details of where to find haunted places and two CD audiobooks of true hauntings. The companion ghostisland DVD featuring actual haunted places, stories and interviews with people who have seen the ghosts, is also a top seller.

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Gay, who has helped with local research for Living TV's Most Haunted series, and advised on other supernatural television and radio programmes, is recognised as one of the leading paranormal researchers in the UK. As an officer of the old British Ghost Club Society and member of the Society for Psychical Research, she has investigated and researched many hundreds of ghost sightings and reports of hauntings.


"Another excellent book from the pen of Gay Baldwin, the foremost ghost expert. It is difficult to remain sceptical of ghosts and hauntings after reading the carefully-researched first-hand evidence in these excellent and well-researched books. It gives me very great pleasure to recommend these fascinating books that have a treasured place in my library."
Peter Underwood FRSA President: The Ghost Club Society and 'King of Ghost Hunters'

Many thanks for copies of your updated and new books, they are great!  I have not been to the Island for some years but I hope to be there again in the next year; I have missed it and there seem to be a lot more interesting haunts to visit with each new book you bring out!
Jason Karl

Hi Gay, What wonderful interesting books, i came to the island for the first time this year and bought all your books. I am a medium so very intersted in your work. Please write more books . We are coming back to your beautiful island again next year. Wonderful work, well
done .  Margaret Adams, May 2010

I was on the Isle of Wight recently (for the third time in 18 months! - guess I kinda like the island!) and managed to pick up your latest book (Book Seven) while visiting Arreton Manor. I just had to put finger to keyboard and let you know that I am having trouble putting this book down. Its fantastic. And what is nice is the fact that I am aware of many of the locations featured and have visited a few for no other reason than they are haunted. I already have books one, four, five & six so will soon be ordering the other two (come payday). Not only have your books told me about the ghosts that walk the I of W, but I feel I have a better understanding of the history of the Island as well.
With regards, Hugh Doran

"Many thanks for your 2 ghost books received yesterday. Devoured the first  one last night in bed! Keep 'em coming."
Frightfully yours, John.

"These books are like a drug, once you pick them up you cannot put them down. I need my fix please can you let me know when the next book is ready."
Wayne Thomas, Hillingdon, Middlesex.

Many thanks for the books which I received in good time, I shall very much enjoy reading them. I feel very jealous that you not only live on the best Island in the world but also the most haunted! I look forward to the day when I can retire over there and enjoy the Island and also spend some time visiting all the haunted locations. Thank you so much for continuing to research and publish the books because without people like you we wouldn't have such gripping reading in a subject that will always be of the greatest interest.
Nick Harvey, East Sussex

I dropped by your site the other day, only for five minutes, 2 hours later when I left, I finally got around to doing my hoovering. Site looks great, Keep it up, and good luck with the new book. 
Dorothy (aka Greyghost.) www.nzghosts.co.nz

We have been intrigued and delighted with your latest ghost book. Visiting the Island is now going to be really thrilling. On my first visit to Osborne House I felt the place was 'alive'. When I enquired of the guides if it was haunted I was met with a wall of silence. We have returned again and again with the same results. Imagine how I felt to learn that Osborne is indeed haunted. Your book has been very special - thank you.  Mrs D Perkins, Lincolnshire.

"I lived in Shanklin up until September 2000 and have ALL the previous books at home. I am a true believer in the spirit world and the afterlife and really enjoy reading these books over and over again. Thank you writing them, and publishing them for all to see. I hope there will be many more in the future."
Debbie Holmes

Ghost Island - The DVD,
"Just to let you know that I have received my copy of the Ghost Island - The DVD, to be honest I can not stop watching it as the stories in your books come to life. I would rate this DVD as one of the best I have seen on the related eye witness accounts, I hope you are planning another similar to this one in the future."
Mark Cave, Midland Paranormal Investigations

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